iTrain can help you to manage the change and maximise adoption. We offer a range of services that can be provided onsite, or delivered remotely, to support your project. Although we have standard content, we do not have standard courses. We customise our training solutions to meet the needs of each client.

We take a strategic, graduated approach: what do people need to know, when do they need to know it and what is the best training format? We will provide a training plan in consultation with you which minimises disruption, and maximises utilisation, confidence, user satisfaction and capability.

Classroom Training

This is the most common training approach, but it can be delivered in a range of formats, including presentation-style sessions, workshops and formal ‘hands-on’ classroom courses. Each have their merits and drawbacks. We will consult with you to define the best approach for your project.



We call this ‘Proactive Floorwalking’ and we believe it is the key to success. Nothing beats the desk-side assistance given by an experienced Trainer. It is an opportunity to minimise disruption, reinforce key messages, promote time-saving features and provide 1-2-1 coaching. As with formal training solutions, we will take a strategic approach to floorwalking and identify the challenges and learning opportunities.


Remote Training

In some cases, formal classroom training is not practical. You may have users on multiple sites, tight deadlines or limited training room facilities. We can provide training remotely, via a WebEx or Skype, to meet your requirements. It’s also a great option for following up a more formal training session.



This a great way of providing guidance and support at the point of need. We can produce interactive learning modules, ‘show me’ videos and modules which assess competency.


Training Documentation

Manuals, quick reference guides and cheat sheets provide the backbone for any software rollout. We have a large range of documentation available to support your rollout. Our documentation can be customised to match your branding, preferences and learning objectives.


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